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What You Will Get Out Of This Project!

You're going to spend the next two weeks learning how to love the most important person in your life...YOU! And here's what will happen as a result...

  • More Happiness

    Your world turns upside down when you learn to love yourself. Happy just seems to follow you wherever you go.

  • Less Stress

    When the majority of your needs are met and you learn you’re the one that can provide them, stress melts away real fast!

  • Amazing Relationships

    Your capacity to love another is directly related to the amount of love you have for yourself. Show up fully to your relationships!

  • Finding Purpose

    There’s no way you can know your purpose if you don’t even know who you are. Finding yourself comes from loving yourself.

  • Financial Freedom

    Too many of us buy the love we can’t give ourselves. This abuse will stop when you learn that you don’t have to buy your love.

  • Better Health

    Lack of exercise and poor eating choices come from a place of self abuse. Loving yourself ensures you’re caring for that body.

I've Made It As Easy As Possible

You won't have to remember any usernames or passwords or go to any special sites. In fact, everything you'll need will come right to your inbox!

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Each of the 14 mini assignments will come to you via email. This means anywhere you can access your email, you'll be able to access the content in the Project! Most of the daily exercises can be done in less than 10 minutes and only require a paper or online journal.

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Learning to love yourself doesn't need to be complicated nor does it need to take hours a day. I've made it very simple and as you'll see you only need to spend a few minutes a day reading your assignments as they come in. Then you'll only need an additional 10 minutes to complete your task!

So who's behind The 14 Day Self Love Project?

Hi! My name is Josh Becker and I lived what most would call a "normal" life until I learned that all of the things I didn't like were tied back to my lack of Self Love. Learning to love myself was the single biggest factor that shifted my life from "normal" to "amazing"!

I am the host of the I Simply Am podcast where I teach Self Love and Mindfulness to hundreds of thousands of people across more than 150 countries around the world. While Hay House's Michael J. Chase calls me a "Self Love Expert" I like to think of myself as a Master Practitioner. Life is a practice and while we'll never master Self Love we can certainly become masters at practicing it.

I'm inviting you to master your own practice of Self Love so you too can see the benefits I have through this work. The 14 Day Self Love Project is a wonderful introduction for those not exposed to this before and a great way to recharge even if you've been on your own journey for some time.

You're Going To Get Lifetime Access To The Project!

We've kept things as simple as possible and that includes how the content will be delivered to you. You will receive daily emails over the two weeks, which means you will have access to them long after the 14 days are over. Since they will live in your inbox, you will be able to access them time and time again!